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How early should I speak to a commercial finance broker?

If you are considering seeking commercial finance to assist your business, you might be wondering how early in the process you need to speak with a commercial finance broker? The answer… As early as possible!

The reason we like speak with our clients at the beginning of the process (or even well before they’re ready to do anything!) is that we consult with the best direction to take.

We’ll listen to what you’re trying to achieve

A good commercial finance broker will take the time to speak with you about what you’re trying to achieve in your business.  What goals are you currently working towards, and how commercial finance will help to achieving them.

At Alegra Financial Solutions we specialize in partnering with our clients to help them grow through the provision of innovative financial solutions.

We speak your language

Alegra Financial Solutions is not a bank or a credit union, founder Vince Zappia is a business owner just like you.  Having grown up around family business, he knows the blood, sweat and tears that go into growing one.

This means Vince will speak your language, and can help you to understand the commercial finance process in simple terms, making the whole process more time efficient and take over the weight of having to complete all your paperwork.

Your commercial finance broker should work with your accountant

Ideally you should always be running any financial decisions past your accountant because decisions to purchase a commercial vehicle, plant or equipment, investing in software, or source cashflow finance can all have rather large repercussions in terms of your tax strategy.

If you speak with us early in the piece, we’ll recommend chatting with your accountant about how you want to structure the purchase, as this might impact the type of finance or lender we seek for you, and we are happy to work with them to achieve a solution that has the best outcome for you or your business.

We can help to set expectations

By having a pro-active discussion with a commercial finance broker before looking at vehicles or equipment, we can help to set your expectations around borrowing capacity, rates, repayments and structures, and more.

We can also work out options to maximise cashflow or save money, particularly when we work with your accountant to develop the best strategy.

This makes for a much smoother and enjoyable purchasing process, and that’s what we want – to make your life easier.

I think I’m ready to chat

If you think you’re ready for a quick, no-obligation chat about commercial finance in your business – we’re a local small business just like you, and we’re here to help. 

Whether it’s for a new vehicle or a used vehicle, a consumer asset purchase, cashflow finance, software package, commercial equipment, or more, you can call us on (08) 7084 1278, or fill in our contact form for a call back:  Contact Us.