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Harnessing solar finance for your business

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In today’s environmentally conscious landscape, harnessing solar energy for your business holds immense potential for both cost savings and sustainable growth.  Solar power is no longer just an alternative; it’s a strategic choice that can elevate your business operations to new heights.

Whether you’re a small enterprise aiming to install solar panels for the first time, or a larger organisation seeking to expand your existing solar system, understanding how finance can streamline this process for your business is crucial.

Understanding solar finance

Solar finance, also referred to as solar energy financing, is a specialised form of business financing tailored to facilitate the acquisition and installation of solar systems for commercial properties, such as pubs, hotels, medical practices, warehouses, offices, and more.

By distributing the upfront expenses over a manageable period, solar finance empowers businesses to adopt solar solutions without bearing the entire financial burden upfront.

At Alegra Financial Solutions, we collaborate with a network of 52 lenders, including banks and non-bank lenders, to secure tailored solar financing options that align with your unique business needs.


The advantages of solar financing for your business

There are a number of benefits to financing solar for your business:

  1. Optimal solutions – Relying solely on your business funds might limit your solar potential. Solar finance empowers you to select the best solar energy solution for your situation, whether it involves expanding your existing solar infrastructure, or selecting cutting-edge technology.
  2. Cashflow management – Choosing to finance your solar preserves your business’ cashflow for other important expenses, such as employee wages, supplier payments, new fleet vehicles, or new equipment.
  3. Flexibility – We’ll collaborate with you to identify a lender and financing plan that suits your unique circumstances.
  4. Business expansion – Financing the implementation of solar energy within your business can lead to significant growth opportunities. By reducing operational costs and environmental impacts, your business could secure new contracts, expand services, and enhance its market presence.


Exploring solar finance options

When considering solar financing, several avenues are available, such as Solar Equipment Leasing, Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and Small Business Solar Loans.  Each option has its benefits and considerations, making it essential to work with experts who can navigate the nuances.

By engaging a commercial finance partner like Alegra Financial Solutions early in the process, you can ensure informed decisions that are tailored to your business’ specific circumstances.  Our collaboration extends to working with your accountant to align recommendations with your business growth and tax strategies.


Essential information for your solar finance application

When pursuing solar finance, gathering relevant information is pivotal to securing the best financing options.  Beyond standard business details like your trading name, ABN/ACN, and how long you’ve been trading for, we’ll also need to know specifications for the system – including it’s capacity, the structure it will be installed to, and the technology it uses.


Time to get solar?

While navigating the commercial finance landscape may appear intricate, informed decisions are attainable with the right guidance.  At Alegra Financial Solutions we have guided businesses across diverse industries to embrace solar solutions that drive sustainability and profitability.

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