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Getting finance for joinery equipment

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Having the right equipment to get the job done is critical in today’s fast-paced business environment.  Not having the right or the most up to date equipment for your business can cost you in terms of productivity and in turn profitability over time.

Whether you are considering investing in CNC machines, edge benders, lathes, extractors, planers, table saws or any other form of joinery equipment, securing the necessary finance can be a key step towards helping you achieve your business goals.

The benefits of investing in new equipment

Investing in new joinery equipment can unlock numerous benefits for your business:


Expansion & growth opportunities:  Upgrading or adding to your equipment inventory enables your business to expand its capabilities.  This could mean taking on larger contracts, or increasing your current production capacity, which can open doors to new revenue streams, the ability to hire more staff, and business growth.

Enhanced efficiency & quality:  State-of-the-art joinery equipment can significantly improve productivity within your business, allowing you to complete projects faster while maintaining high quality standards.  By optimising your operations, you can save time, reduce waste, and deliver exceptional results that will set you apart from your competition.

Profitability & financial performance:  Investing in efficient joinery equipment for your business can lead to cost savings, reduced labour expenses, and increased output.  With improved productivity and the ability to take on more significant projects, your business can generate higher revenues, and ultimately boost profitability.  New equipment also means less downtime with new equipment due to less ongoing maintenance, and minimal breakdown issues.  This means projects are always delivered to clients on time. 


What your finance broker needs

When seeking finance for the purchase of new joinery equipment in your business, providing accurate information to a commercial finance broker like Alegra Financial Solutions is vital in helping to expediate the process so we can get your equipment for you faster. 

Here are a few of the key pieces of information to have ready:

  • Business Information: We’ll need your business trading name, your ABN or ACN, and what structure you operate under (i.e. sole trader, company trust).
  • Equipment Details: Clearly outline the specific piece of equipment that you are looking to purchase, including the make, model, and the price.  Additionally, we’ll need to know whether you are looking to acquire a new or used piece of equipment.
  • Financial Information: Ideally it helps if we can get information such as your current turnover, overheads, and debt.  While every lender has different requirements, this information helps them to analyse your ability to repay a loan.  Your accountant can help to pull any information together that you don’t know off the top of your head.


Ready to get joinery equipment finance?

It helps if you can involve us as early in the purchasing process as possible, so that we can help to determine the best course of action for your current business situation.    

We know that purchasing new equipment can be a significant investment in most businesses, so we listen to your needs and work hard to offer a range of financing options that will suit your needs and not adversely impact your day-to-day cashflow.

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