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Equipment Finance

 Find out how we can help you finance new equipment that will boost your business, allowing your business to reach new heights with increased efficiency and profitability.

Some of the items we can finance include:

  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Heavy Commercial
  • Manufacturing Machinery
  • Watercraft
  • Charter Buses
  • Construction Equipment & Machinery

  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Access Equipment
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Helicopters
  • Mining Equipment &  Machinery
  • Renewables Technology
  • Office Equipment
  • Winemaking Equipment
  • Catering Equipment
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment & Machinery
  • Precision Viticulture Tech
  • Medical, Dental & Vet Equipment

 The list of business finance options is endless, talk to us today about your specific needs!

What is Equipment finance?

Equipment Finance is a specialised form of Business Finance. The purchase of specific products, tools or accessories using an asset finance product. The security used is the assets you purchase. Asset financing options are available for new or second-hand equipment and can be sourced for private sale equipment with ease. Equipment finance is usually dependent on the expected life of your asset – usually between 12 and 84 months (1-7 years). Equipment loans are available with several different options tailored to your needs.

The loan options will be structured correctly to maximise opportunity, cash flow and profitability, so it’s critical that this is done with correct and unbiased consultation from the experts.

Why should you consider a Commercial Equipment Loan?

Some business owners are reluctant to borrow money however, there are several advantages to borrowing that should be considered as part of the decision-making process

  1. If you are funding a purchase out of business profits, you might not be able to afford the equipment that you really need and have to settle for second best. A business loan allows you to get the most suitable equipment that you need to grow.
  2. By borrowing, you maintain cash flow in your business for other purposes.
  3.  Finance packages are tailored to your needs for cashflow, preserving your valuable available working capital.
  4.  The repayments can be flexible with either regular-payment, lower initial payments and balloon repayments at the end of the term, lump sum payments, interest-only payments and more. Finance terms are tailored to your circumstances and requirements, taking your personal objectives into consideration.
How do I apply for Equipment Finance?

Every lender has different criteria for applying for business finance. By understanding all of their requirements, we streamline the process for you and make it as simple as possible to get the finance that you are after.

We ensure the minimum finance amount is in line with lender policies and the finance term is right for the type of asset.

Take the first step to secure your finance by phoning or emailing below

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