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Cashflow Finance

Do you have an upcoming contract that will be extremely profitable – but don’t have the funds right now to fulfill the terms?

This is where Cashflow Finance comes into play.
It doesn’t matter if you need the loan to buy inventory to sell, to invest in equipment, to pay wages, or a myriad of other reasons, business cashflow financing is the quick and easy answer to your complex issues.

What is Cashflow Finance?

Cashflow financing is a form of financing in which a loan made to a company is backed by a company’s historical and/or expected cashflow. Cashflow is the amount of money that moves in and out of a business in a specific period. Cashflow financing—or a cashflow loan—uses the generated cashflow as a means to pay back the loan.

The difference between a traditional bank loan and cashflow finance is that a traditional loan is backed by the business assets, such as real estate, inventory, or equipment.

A cashflow loan is a short-term loan that doesn’t usually require any business or personal assets to be given as collateral. Cashflow loans are essentially an unsecured business loan.
For businesses, this can be a great way to get your company going when you don’t have a long-term trading record or the collateral or deposit to get a traditional loan.
The best way to know if this type of business loan is right for your business is to discuss your options with our brokers. We can provide a full assessment of your operating expenses, existing loans, your expected cashflow and can advise on your options to proceed.

How much can I borrow using a cashflow loan?

Depending on the lender, you can get a cashflow loan from $10,000 up to $250,000 on simple documentation. The lenders will assess your application based on the expected cashflow, the health of your business will be looked at to ensure this type of finance is right for you.

We are Capital Finance and Cashflow Lending Specialists. If you would like to find out if cashflow financing is right for your business, get in touch and we can answer any questions that you might have about this type of finance.

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