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About Alegra

We love to help fund people and their businesses.

It is our passion to inspire and assist with growth by providing innovative financial solutions for all Australians.

When you want a business partner, not just another finance broker.
We’re passionate about growing your business through business finance

Alegra Financial Solutions was started to service the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners. People with great ideas, who are ready to take that next step in their business!

These people are working hard to bring their vision to life and are working long hours and endless days. With the right financial help they could make it happen faster and more effectively.

We love helping our clients grow their business. That new truck for the work contract you’re about to take on, or a new piece of equipment to allow you to triple your current manufacturing capability.

If your business would run better with equipment that is newer, bigger, faster, or something that you need, Alegra Financial Solutions can help you.

We work brilliantly with:

  • Newer businesses
  • Trades and transport businesses
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Business owners who are time poor and run off their feet

Where most of these people find that it can be a struggle to get finance, or that the banks don’t want to help them, we can assist to structure a loan with lenders that want your business.

How we help

We want to create long term business relationships with our clients, providing them with the expertise and financial options they will need for multiple opportunities in the future. We want to get to know our clients and their business, what their expectations and plans are for the future, how we can help to achieve that.

At Alegra Financial Solutions we want to work with businesses who are ready to make that next step towards achieving their goals, increasing the size of their business, increasing their output and most importantly for the business owners, their profit.

“If it has a serial number, we can finance it”

You owe it to yourself and your business to speak to Alegra for consultation of the purchase of your next business asset.

Take the first step to secure your finance by phoning or emailing below

(08) 7084 1278